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Proposed legislation in Annapolis is threatening the growth and development of biopharma companies across the state of Maryland.

To combat these threats, we created a comprehensive policy report which includes:

  • Top biopharma bills of the 2019 legislative session,
  • Their impact on the industry, and
  • How you can advocate for the growth of biopharma.

At the Maryland Chamber, we believe in a robust free enterprise system to support the biopharma and biohealth industry.

This guide will provide you with valuable tools and resources not only to learn more about the bills impacting your business, but also how you can get involved through the Maryland Chamber. 

Download the Biopharma Policy Report Today.

Join Our Health Care and Biopharma Policy Committee

To establish a unified voice and message for the biopharma industry, the Maryland Chamber created the Health Care and Biopharma Policy Committee to bring together leaders in the industry to advocate for meaningful legislation that promotes the industry’s regional growth and competitiveness.

The Health Care and Biopharma Committee covers all health care issues, including cost factors, mandated health benefit demands and regulatory oversights and requirements relative to improving Maryland’s current market-based health care system to control costs and improve affordable access to coverage. Additionally, we address issues regarding legislative interaction in pharmacological discovery, development processes, and related areas.

During the 2019 legislative session, the Maryland Chamber worked hard to review and advocate for or against important bills that impact research and development, pharmaceutical pricing, and corporate tax rates.

Last year alone, legislators introduced 3,101 bills and 26 joint resolutions during the 2018 session—1,269 from the Senate and 1,832 from the House. In conjunction with our Legislative and Policy Committees, we reviewed 325 bills, tracking and testifying on 125 with significant foreseeable impacts on Maryland’s businesses and industries.


"Maryland Chamber’s dedication to their members’ success is like having an extension of our very own government and public affairs team.  Their commitment to the state has benefited not only the life sciences and manufacturing industries, but also the community as a whole.”

Chris Frech, SVP Global Affairs, Emergent BioSolutions

Advocate for Maryland's Biopharma Industry

On the front line of developing lifesaving vaccines and unparalleled innovation, the biopharma and life sciences industry is vital to the future of our state—and our planet.

This report enables biopharma business leaders, small and large, to stay on top of important legislation and make a difference in Annapolis.

Download the Biopharma Report to learn more about proposed legislation and how you can get involved today.

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